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Mr. Weidong Yin Invited to Present at Zhongguancun Forum

  • Date: 2013-05-25
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The “Zhongguancun Innovation Forum- China Industry Park and Enterprise Development Forum” the part of “The 16th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo” was held in Kuntai Hotel Beijing. Mr. Weidong Yin, Chairman of Zhongguancun Listed Company Association, President and CEO of Sinovac participated in the forum and gave a presentation in the name of “Competitiveness Report of Zhongguncun Listed Companies”.


Mr. Weidong Yin first talked about Zhongguancun Innovation eco-environment, gave an introduction on the general operation status of the listed companies in the association, taking Baidu and Lenovo as examples, and emphasized on the vigor of Zhongguancun. In the presentation, Mr. Yin also made an analysis on domestic and foreign listed companies, after that, Mr. Yin provided suggestions to government and association members on domestic capital market, and further expect more investment to Zhongguancun.


The topic of the forum is “Focusing on eco-civilization, Grasp industry opportunities”, and the attendances included senior government governors, famous entrepreneurs and experts.


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