Sinovac’s history dates back to 1993 when its Chief Executive Officer Mr. Weidong Yin and the team at Tangshan Yian Biological Engineering Co. Ltd. engaged in the initial R&D activities that lead to the successful development of the Company’s hepatitis A vaccine in 1999, which is the first inactivated hepatitis A vaccine developed by Chinese scientists. Over the past two decades, the Company has developed and commercialized six human-used vaccines and one animal vaccine, and advanced its R&D pipeline. The Company has achieved many significant development milestones that exemplify its core R&D competencies, inclusive of developing the first H1N1 vaccine in the world in 2009. Moreover, it has expanded its fully integrated platform with state-of-the-art research facilities, GMP certified manufacturing facilities, and a sales team with reach across China. The Company is currently developing a novel vaccine against enterovirus 71, causing the severe hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) among the children.


Sinovac's Key Milestones

Year Key Milestones

Obtained license to conduct clinical trials of PPV in May

File IND for sIPV in October


Filed new drug application and received filing acceptance from CFDA, and is under technical review by CDE.

Preliminary restults from Phase III clinical trial for EV71 vaccine show good efficacy, immunogenicity and safety.

2012 Initiate phase III clinical trial for EV71 vaccine

File IND for PCV, PPV and rubella

Complete EV71 phase I and II clinical tirals with positive results and preparing for phase III clinical trial

Obtained production license for animal rabies vaccine  

2010 Established Sinovac (Dalian) Vaccine Technology Co., Ltd.
Completed acquisition of Changping buildings and land
Submitted clinical trial application for mumps vaccine to SFDA
2009 Moved to NASDAQ Global Market
Granted production license for Panflu.1 and received orders for 12.49 million doses
Submitted clinical trial application to SFDA for EV71 vaccine
2005 Bilive and Anflu approved
2004 Acquisition of Tangshan Yi’An
Transfer to listing on AMEX
2003 Reverse merger with US OTCBB
2002 Launch of flagship product, Healive
2001 Sinovac Biotech founded in Beijing


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